Building a streamserver - best capture/compress solution?

Building a streamserver - best capture/compress solution?

Post by Steen Sude » Sat, 21 Sep 2002 11:52:39

I'm looking into building a tv-streaming server.
For this I need a PCIcard with onboard tuner in respectable quality,
good onboard framegrabber, onboard hw-compression along the lines of
MPEG2 and last, but not least, Linux driversupport.

This driversupport does not have to be provided by the manufacturer, as
long as it works.

It has to be onboard-everything since I'm planning to put four or five
of them into each box.

Price? Let's say USD 1000,- for a single card to start with. Lower is no
problem ;-)

What do I buy?

Mvh. / Best regards,
S* Suder             <;
ICQ UIN                 4133803


1. Solution for wu-ftpd compress AND tar

Hi.  Here is a solution to a problem I had, but I don't know
why I had it, so here I share it with you.  I'm also submitting it
to the wu-ftpd FAQ at

With wu-ftpd, on-the-fly compression works, and on-the-fly tarring
works, but I just get empty files when I try to
GET files using on-the-fly compression AND tarring.

With Solaris 2.4 and GNU's tar-1.11.8 (configured and
compiled with --disable-nls flag), I think that tar cannot
find the compress or gzip programs when invoked by wu-ftpd.
I tried using chroot but couldn't replicate the problem; it only
happens with ftp.

In ftpconversions, use the GNU tar flag
--use-compress-program=(appropriate full path to a compression program)
instead of the -Z or -z flags.

Example from ftpconversions follows, with the assumption that
compress, gzip, and GNU tar are in ~/ftp/bin/ftp-exec/
PLEASE note that I split the lines for readability; in the file
the following is just two lines, each starting with a space and colon.

 :   : :.tar.Z:/bin/ftp-exec/tar  -c
 :   : :.tar.gz:/bin/ftp-exec/tar -c

Hope this helps someone.

Arek Dreyer; Department of Statistics; University of IL at Urbana Champaign
101 Illini Hall; 725 South Wright Street; Champaign, IL 61820

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