Q:NE2000 clone windows resets IRQ.

Q:NE2000 clone windows resets IRQ.

Post by David M F » Thu, 02 May 1996 04:00:00

I have a set of PC's running Linux and dos/WfW.  It seems that when I use the
WFW network support, my NE2000 (Jumperless) clone gets the IRQ and memory address reset to 300 IRQ 5.  So, when I boot Linux, It conflicts with my modem.  To fix this I have to reboot to DOS and run the little setup program to reset the IRQand memory address to 280,11.

Questions, does any body have a utiltiy to set these vaules on the card
or have some details on the interface to program these devices.
Also, if a utility exists, could I add this to the boot process so that
it will just set these values on my card at boot time?

Thanks for you support

Dave Fox



1. Sharing IRQ on ne2000 PCI clones ?

I have a linux machine running kernel 2.0.33. The machine has 2 ne2000
PCI clone cards. They work just fine as long as each card has it's own
IRQ. I would like to let them share a single IRQ, as i am running ot
of IRQ's!

I know the cards both support IRQ sharing, and I can configure the
cards so that they share a single IRQ, but! the ne2000 driver does not
support IRQ sharing (as f.ex. the tulip driver).

Is there a patch i can apply, or do i have to fix it myself? If the
latter is required, where can i obtain info on IRQ sharing using the
linux kernel?

Thanks in advance.

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