IDE CD-Rom + IDE HD, same controller?

IDE CD-Rom + IDE HD, same controller?

Post by Ryan S. McClu » Tue, 31 Jan 1995 13:50:48

I have a Pentium Mother board that contains onboard controllers.  One of
those controllers is an IDE controller that currently is running the NEC
IDE harddrive.  I was wondering if I could drop a harddrive onto that
controller and would Linux see it and the CD-ROM at the same time?

Please mail me (or post here) with some information, thanks. .



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we have to setup OSE 5 on a Toshiba Notebook CDT 410. I had asked in
this group if it is possible and someone answered that there will be
no problem.

But now there is a problem:
The System has a 1.2 MB HD and the build in Toshiba CD-ROM. I am using the
Release Supplement Disk with ATAPI which was included to our distribution.
Then I follow the steps described in the Release Notes to install from

I am using this bootstring:
defbootstr ahslink=ATAPI

It works fine until I have to choose the installation media. In the Notes
step 6 describes that I have to choose "SCSI CD-ROM".

When I do so the only answer is that I do not have a SCSI adapter!

What can I do??? It is very urgent.



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