PCI EIDE problems: Name me some good chips

PCI EIDE problems: Name me some good chips

Post by n.. » Tue, 31 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I've been reading recently about the problems with certain EIDE chips used on
PCI motherboards (either actually on the board itself or on a PCI expansion
board), namely the CMD 640B, the PC-Tech RZ-1000, and possibly the
SMC 37650. This problems only tend to manifest themselves when you're using
true multitasking operating systems (eg. OS/2 and Linux) but seeing as those
are the operating systems I'm planning to use, that doesn't help me much. I've
visited a couple of http sites (sorry, can't remember their URL's) which
described the precise flaws in the chips.

Anyway, they're all very good at listing the chips which don't work, but don't
tell me the numbers of some alternatives which do. For intstance, I've seen
some ads for EIDE boards using a CMD 6400 chip. Is this the same as the
640B? Should I inherantly distrust any EIDE chip bearing the CMD mark (I know
the PC-Tech RZ-1000 can have suffixes after the name but still have the same
flaw)? Have you any suggestions as to a *good* chip which I can ask for when
I leap into the new land that is PCI.

Also, I've read about some problems between AMD plus chips and some
some motherboards. Looking at their web site (www.amd.com) they recommend
5 PCI motherboards for their enhanced chips:

o   Acer Open   AP4
o   Biostar      8433UTC
o   Chicony      CH-880G
o   ECS          UM8810PAIO Rev.2
o   Gigabyte     GA486AM Rev.2

Do any of these have onboard EIDE? If so, do they have "a chip you can trust"?
Do you have any strong views on any of them? What kind of price should I be
expecting to pick them up at?

Thanks for your attention. Any help gratefully accepted,
Neil Richards


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        I am looking for a good PCI EIDE controller for use with Linux
(as well as other popular PC operating systems).  I am currently using
the CMD PCI EIDE controller, but feel that I am not getting maximal
performance.  What else is out there and for how much?  I don't need
anything with caching or whatever, just a plain well-supported, bug-free
PCI EIDE controller.

        I used a friend's machine with a slower CPU and slower disk and a
generic VLB EIDE controller and found his disk performance to be
noticeably better.

Thanks for the info!



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Newmarket, Ontario, CANADA

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