Help needed with ASTDK on AcerNote 350e!

Help needed with ASTDK on AcerNote 350e!

Post by Wolfgang Schmi » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hallo Linux developers!

I am using Linux for Software development on a PC. In order to use it on my
AcerNote 350e, I upgraded the hd to 2 GB and partitioned it for linux and win95.
Since that, the Suspend-To-Disk-function didnt function any more.

Has anybody the same problem? Is there a software-solution?

Please help,

Wolfgang Schmidt
Software Develpment
& Consulting
Ringseisstr. 8
80337 Muenchen


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so far to no avail... Anyone had any experience with this particular Acer
brand? And another thing - the keyboard is German - but Linux (Slackware
3.2) thinks it's US - how do I change it?
Will appreciate any help!

Best Regards,
       Phillip L. Kazakoff

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       Systems Administrator
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