Installing Roland Rap-10 midi card and C-media CM8330 sound card

Installing Roland Rap-10 midi card and C-media CM8330 sound card

Post by Nicholas Haye » Wed, 25 Dec 2002 14:58:07


Have installed Mandrake 9.0 as a first linux install after COMPLETE DUMMY
SPIT after latest win98 crash :(

Very happy with Mandrake so far, only problem is getting sound up and

System is Cyrix PII copy, 98 meg RAM, sony CDROM, 6gig drive with 50% vfat
50% linux partitions

Rap 10 card is in an ISA slot, jumpers set for I/O 240h IRQ 9 joystick port
enabled and stereo input enable for MIC/Line jack.

CM8330 onboard SoundPro set as DISABLED in AmiBios (if Rap 10 removed,
running sndconfig and selecting SB16 manually will get some sound
capability.  Selecting CM8330 results in failed check).

Appreciate any advice as to how to proceed.....


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Can somebody please help me with a (simple?) problem:

How should I configure the kernel to work with my Roland RAP-10
sound card?

Or maybe it isn't supported?

"To say that simple solutions are always wrong is an oversimplification"

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