lm_sensors: Only got voltage. Where's CPU temp?

lm_sensors: Only got voltage. Where's CPU temp?

Post by Dan Smit » Thu, 01 Mar 2001 14:40:19

I am using the lm_sensors package to monitor my board.  My board has an LM78 and LM75 chip on it.  As I understand, the LM78 is for voltage stuff mostly, and the LM75 is for temps.  Well, even if I insert the lm75 module, I don't see any other info.

Can someone help??



1. Monitoring CPU Temp, Fan Speed, PS Voltage in x86 Solaris 7?

On larger servers, like an E450, there are temperature monitors.
/usr/platform/SUNW-Enterprise/sbin/prtdiag -v
shoud give you some of the info you are looking for. Plese check for
the exact path as I am writing from memory.

Ali Moghal
Student SysAdmin.


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