Tape drives, HP Colorado 8GB, Seagate Hornet 8NS

Tape drives, HP Colorado 8GB, Seagate Hornet 8NS

Post by Volker Ape » Sat, 13 Jun 1998 04:00:00

HP Colorado 8GB,   ATAPI !!    QIC-Travan

Is the HP drive usable under Linux?  (Its  an ATAPI drive!)
What driver is needed?

Did someone try the Seagate Hornet 8NS?
It is SCSI and uses  QIC-Travan.

Does they support QFA? (Quick File Access)

What throughput did you have for backup of /usr?


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1. HP Colorado 8GB Tape Drive

I am in need of some help with a HP Colorado drive I purchased for my
Redhat 7.3 Web server. The drive is an internal IDE 8Gb drive.  All the
documentation I can find says I should be able to access the drive
through /dev/ht0.  The drive is supported and detected by kernel.
However, when I try to access the drive, I get drive not found.  I can
use the mt command to request a status from the drive using /dev/sd0.
However, when I tar to that device, I get drive has no tap or not
powered on.  After I get that message, it sounds like the tape rewinding
or resetting.  Any ideas.

I have 3 days before I have to send this drive back to get a refund.  

thanx inadvance,


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