Sony Vaio PCG-818, PCMCIA not working

Sony Vaio PCG-818, PCMCIA not working

Post by Weimin Zha » Mon, 28 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hi there,

Does anyone have any luck with the Sony Vaio PCG-818's PCMCIA?  The
CardBus controller is a Ricoh RL/RB5C478.

I'm running RH5.2, linux-2.0.36, pcmcia-cs-3.0.5.

I have a Xircom CE3, 10/100 nic in slot 0.  The /var/log/messages says "
Intel PCIC probe: not found..., cardmgr: no sockets found! exiting"

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


1. Red Hat 6.2 PCMCIA versus the Sony VAIO PCG-N505VE

I'm trying to do a network install of Red Hat 6.2 on a Sony PCG-N505VE.
The laptop has an 3COM EtherLink III 10base-T + 33.6 modem combo card.
I previously successfully network-installed Red Hat 6.1 on this setup
without any problems.  RH6.2, however, does not seem to believe I have a
PCMCIA controller.  If I boot the install disk and check out the C-A-f3
screen, I can see it find the Ricoh PCI/PCMCIA bridge.  Then it does a
bunch of insmods, finds a "suggestion" of an i82365 and then says it
"found nothing".  Here's precisely what I see:

* in startPcmcia()
* pcmcia probe retured: |PCI bridge probe: Ricoh RL5C475 found, 2
sockets. |
* need to load i82365
* going to insmod pcmcia_core.o (path is NULL)
* going to insmode i82365.o (path is NULL)
* going to insmod ds.o (path is NULL)
* cardmgr running as pid 14
* cardmgr returned 0x0
* probing buses
* finished bus probing
* found suggestion of i82365
* found nothing

How do I debug this?  As I said, I have a working RH 6.1 installation.

Peter Dinda

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