ricoh mp7120a cdrw

ricoh mp7120a cdrw

Post by Hilkiah Lavinie » Sat, 17 Feb 2001 08:40:22

Does anyone know if I burn cds using the above drive.  I can access it
normally, but i'm not sure when cdrecord (or whatever) can burn with it.

regards, HL


ricoh mp7120a cdrw

Post by Dances With Cro » Sat, 17 Feb 2001 12:07:41

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001 23:40:22 +0000, Hilkiah Lavinier staggered into the
Black Sun and said:

Quote:>Does anyone know if I burn cds using the above drive.  I can access it
>normally, but i'm not sure when cdrecord (or whatever) can burn with it.

Is this a SCSI or IDE drive?  I'll assume IDE and go from there.

BOot the system with "linux hdX=ide-scsi" .  X is "a" if the drive is
the primary master, "b" for the primary slave, "c" for secondary master,
"d" for secondary slave.  Most CD-ROM-type devices are put in as
secondary masters.  Or if you're not sure, do a "dmesg | grep CD" to
find out where it is.

Once that's done, log in as root, and do:

modprobe ide-scsi
modprobe sg

On reasonably modern distros, this should be all you need.  Then, the
command "cdrecord -scanbus" should tell you that it's found a CD burner
somewhere.  cdrecord is very flexible, but it's command-line oriented.
xcdroast/gnome-toaster have GUIs.  Oh yes, if this doesn't help,


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    I recently put together a system (MSI K7t266 Pro-R, AMD Athlon 1.4G,
Maxtor 40G ATA100 HD, Ricoh 7040 CDRW, IOMagic 40X cdrom), have to
mention that the case is a $60 400W mid-tower from Compusa. HD is on
IDE0, CDRW and CDROM are on IDE1. RH7.1 installed.
    All worked fine, except the IOMagic cdrom, I got screens of error
message complaining cannot access the CDROM, the first coming out being
"Interrup Lost..." (I could put the whole message here if needed).
    I switched the master/slave of the two IDE1 drives, no help.
    The CDROM works fine on another machine.
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    It is highly appreciated if somebody could shed a light on this.


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