Server Connection through Cablevision Internet?

Server Connection through Cablevision Internet?

Post by Richard Spangenber » Wed, 19 Apr 2000 04:00:00

This may be a dumb question...

Is it possible to set up a linux server and connect it to the web through
your local cablevision internet cable modem.  I have a single static IP
address assigned to me.

Also, I have an old 386 machine I was planning to use as a server, would
this be adequate to use with linux, apache and a mysql database?



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I'm accessing Internet thru my univ's server, which has a proxy
firewall.  No problem setuping up for the proxy with Netscape, but I
can't access with other applications like ICQ, IRC, etc.

In Windows we can use this program called AutoSocks which automatically
configures for such applications to have access thru the proxy.  Is
there a similar program for Linux?

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