SCSI Bus Reset: No active SCB for reconnecting target

SCSI Bus Reset: No active SCB for reconnecting target

Post by nut.. » Fri, 16 Feb 2001 09:43:38


what does this error message mean? When does it occur? For further
details see Thread "SCSI bus hangs up, configuration wrong?: HP ScanJet
IIcx, AHA-2940AU, HP C1554A".


1. ERROR - SCSI0: No active SCB for reconnecting target 4

Hi there, I get the following error when running:
# e2fsck /dev/sdd1 -c

(It checks for badblocks and everything goes ok but when it comes
to PASS 1 it gives me, and the machine freezes up)
------------THE ERROR MESSAGE-------------
SCSI0: No active SCB for reconnecting target 4, channel A, Issuing
Kernel panic: scsi0: Target 4, chanel A, did not send an IDENTITY
message. SAVED_TCL 0x40
The swapper task - not syncing
------------END OF ERROR------------------

The following is some system informaion:
Platform:               Intel 150MMX 96Meg RAM
Linux OS version:       RedHat 4.2 Kernel 2.0.30
Network:                Normal NE2000 Ethernet 10Mbs
Drive information:
                        /swop   /dev/sda1       72 Meg
                        /       /dev/sda2       1  Gig
                        /disk2  /dev/sdb1       2  Gig
                        /disk3  /dev/sdc1       4  Gig
                        /disk4  /dev/sdd1       4  Gig
                        /disk5  /dev/sde1       4  Gig
SCSI Adapter:           Adaptech 2940W

I have no idea what it could be or even where to try looking for the
problem. The drive information seems to be OK woth not complaints
about corrupt or incomplete data.

Many thanks in advance

Leon Vismer

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