AcerNote NOVA 's weird lock in SuSE Linux

AcerNote NOVA 's weird lock in SuSE Linux

Post by Juan » Thu, 06 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hi. I installed S.u.S.E. Linux 5.1 in an AcerNote NOVA laptop , but it
does random keyboard locks. I can telnet to the machine after that, but
it's impossible to use the console after such lock.

Any advice or help will be appreciated.



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I recently installed Red Hat Linux 5.0 ('Hurricane') in my new(ish) PC,
and although I am generally getting on pretty well with it, I've
discovered a strange bug/feature with XFree86. When Linux starts, the
Num Lock key is switched off, and everything works fine (except the
numeric keypad, of course - it's in the 'cursor keys' function).
However, if I switch Num Lock back on, numerous XFree86 stuff starts
playing up; Gimp ignores all keyboard shortcuts, the window manager (it
doesn't matter which one) won't send windows to the top, and xfm's
right-click context menu doesn't work (it pops up, but nothing else
happens - menu entries don't invert). What on earth is going on? It all
goes away when Num Lock is pressed again...

Is this a bug or a 'feature'? I'm using a Siemens Nixdorf keyboard (PS/2
style socket, standard otherwise) with a UK keyboard map ( signs work
fine, and all the other keys are present and correct, at any rate).

Please email me if you have any ideas what's happening - I don't get to
use the Newsgroups much, and comp.os.linux.misc traffic is rather

Thanks for any help...

Adam Foster (a bit of a Linux newbie)

BTW does anyone know of a nicer file manager than xfm? It's alright but
a bit long in the tooth; something along the lines of Thing for the
Atari ST would be nice... :)

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