Linux 2.2.12 with ASUS P5A motherboard onchip sound

Linux 2.2.12 with ASUS P5A motherboard onchip sound

Post by Basile STARYNKEVITC » Fri, 27 Aug 1999 04:00:00


At last, the newly released 2.2.12 kernel made my onchip sound
controller on the ASUS P5A motherboard work (Super7 slot, AMDK6/400).

configure the kernel with



and add into /etc/conf.modules
alias sound esssolo1
#alias midi opl3
#options opl3 io=0xD400
#options sb io=0xD400 irq=5 dma=1 dma16=5 mpu_io=0xB800

At last, the speaker gave some music (and cdplay works).

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Linux 2.2.12 with ASUS P5A motherboard onchip sound

Post by Vladimir Kameno » Tue, 07 Sep 1999 04:00:00


I have a brother HL-1040 printer. Unfortunately, I can print only with
300x300 dpi resolution, although the printer supports 600x600 dpi.

Any solution (e.g. driver, etc.)?

Red Hat 5.2
gs 4.03



1. ASUS P5A + Kernel 2.2.12

Hi everybody!

My Linux box (M/B ASUS P5A, BIOS Rev.1007, AMD K6-3/450, RedHat6.0
upgraded on kernel 2.2.12) behaves in some situation pretty strange:
1. I mount a floppy (filesystem type vfat or msdos) and write
something to it. When I unmount it, the speaker starts beeping with a very
strange pattern. This happens only when I write something to the floppy
and after that I unmount it. It's obviously, that this happens when the
buffer's are flushed to the floppy.
2. The harddisk parameters are setup to spin down the disk after 5 min
idle time (hdparm ..., Power Management in BIOS is off). But the harddisk
never spins down!!! Obviously some process accesses the disk. Does anybody
know who is it? I killed every daemon, that can be killed (atd, crond,
sendmail, etc.) and spined down the disk with hdparm -Y /dev/hda. After
max. 10 sec. the disk starts spinning again and in the log file I get the
messaeg irq time out (status ...) reset (or similar).
3. When booting, the kernel shows the message PCI_IDE: unknown PCI_IDE
device at bus 00, vendor ... (if somebody needs the exact messages/ids,
please let me know), IDE controller not 100% native mode, will probe irqs
later. Anyway, the harddisk, the cdrom-drive and the cdr-writer (ATAPI,
scsi emulation enabled only on the second controller) work fine. But this
may have some influence on 2.

If anybody can help with 1., 2. or 3. (or maybe all of them ;) please cc

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