Any experience of external scsi 250MB zip *not* at end of scsi-2 chain?

Any experience of external scsi 250MB zip *not* at end of scsi-2 chain?

Post by Guy Maskal » Sun, 07 Jan 2001 06:38:14

Having just bought a 250MB zip drive (external scsi), I find in the
electronic manual that it is only a scsi-1 device and should be placed
at the end of any scsi-2 chain (threatening data loss).

I have an adaptec aha1542CP card and HP scanjet 6200c already. The
scanner is self-terminating it *has* to be the last in the chain (no
scsi-out connector).

Does anyone know if the zip drive will sit happily in the middle of this
scsi chain or am I looking at having to get another scsi card for this
one scsi-1, 25 pin sub-D connector zip drive?

I'll try and get hold of the appropriate cables/convertors but in the
meantime any info would be much appreciated.

Regards, Guy.


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I'd like to know if an external SCSI version of ZIP Drive can be attached
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cable/converter?  I've been looking for such converter for a while but had
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setup, please share it with me.

Thanks in advance.

Douglas I. Chen
Software Engineering
University of Toronto

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