Matrox Millennium 2164?

Matrox Millennium 2164?

Post by Sven C. Da » Thu, 14 Aug 1997 04:00:00

> The only people that have a driver for the Millenium II card are the
> XIG people at WWW.XIG.COM.  This is a commercial product and
> costs $99.  Their driver is currently in beta.

>                            Bernie Borenstein

> >Hi, All.

> >I recently discovered that the Millenium Matrox adaptor in a new Dell 266
> >machine that I was setting up has the 2164w chipset, and not the older
> >(and supported in xfree3.3) 2064w chipset. Does anybody know of a driver
> >for the 2164?

> >Thanks,

> >--Doug

  Actually XFree  3.3.1 (came out a  few days ago)  supports the Millenium II.
But it is just a quick hack. Guess they just reused the old code since they do
not have any documentation for the new chip.