Ultra ATA (DMA3) support?

Ultra ATA (DMA3) support?

Post by Scott Gregory Mill » Sun, 05 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I am fairly sure Linux does not have support for DMA mode 3 (That one
touted as Ultra ATA 33 mbps) yet, but is it in the works? If so, how soon
are we to expect it?

                Scott Miller


1. 13.6G 7200RPM Ultra ATA hard drive with Ultra ATA 66 Controller

I just bought Gateway compuetr with 13.6G 7200RPM
Ultra ATA hard drive with Ultra ATA 66
Controller.  The machine already has windos 98.
While installing Linux, the installer was not
able to see the filesys.  The hard drive is
originally not partitioned.  Only C drive exist
in Windos 98.

Does any one know the problem?
Thanks ahead for any responce.

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