Sound cards based on OPTi 82C931

Sound cards based on OPTi 82C931

Post by Itai Nahsho » Tue, 25 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hi all,
I am working on changes to the mad16 driver in oss/free to work
with OPTi 82C931 based sound cards. My changes are probably usefull
also for owners of 82C930 based cards.
Patches will be available only for the latest linux development
kernels (currently 2.1.65). It may take a long time before they
are officially merged with the oss/free distribution.

If you own such a card and would like to try my patches please
reply by Email.
Please do NOT reply if you are not planning to try my patches.

When you reply you may add some details:
- Your name and Email address (this is mandatory).
- Linux distribution, kernel version.
- Sound card model and version.
- Chip on sound card (930 or 931).
- If this is a 931 based card, is there a jumper to disable PnP?
- Other isa PnP cards on your system.
- Pci hardware (results of "cat /proc/pci" is the best answer).
- Did you try the oss/linux (commercial) driver
  (latest version supports these chips)?
- Did you try to configure/debug/hack the sound driver in order
  to make it useable with your sound card? To what level of success?
  (if you have interesting findings please share them with me).
(you can answer with "planned" to the following...)
- Joystick attached to the sound card.
- CDROM attached to the sound card. ATAPI or other?
- External MIDI instrument attached to the sound card.

BTW. I use the HiVal SounTastic PnP.

Itai Nahshon


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