Parallel->SCSI adaptor with CD-R and Zip?

Parallel->SCSI adaptor with CD-R and Zip?

Post by E. Gkioulek » Wed, 06 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone used the Shuttle Connection parallel->SCSI adaptor with Zip drives
and CD Recorders? How well does it work? I already have a SCSI zip drive
that I got for my old Sun IPC computer and now is the time to get something
nicer and bigger (like a 4GB disk, 200MHz, 96MB RAM beast :}} )
As it is my intention to get a CD-R eventually, I might as well get some
kind of SCSI support rather than getting a parallel Zip. And I don't want
to spend more money on this than I have to.

Now the cable costs about $100. I do not know how much SCSI cards cost yet.
Is it worth trying out the cable? Or shall I go for a card like Buslogic
instead? I don't mind the extra effort in hacking if it'll save me money,
and if the driver for it will work reliably. Which begs the question:
how much do SCSI cards work?

For info about this cable (just so you know what I am talking about):

Many thanks