brother hl-1050

brother hl-1050

Post by Daniel Kolla » Thu, 03 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Anyone experiences with this laser printer?

I heard about problems with older brother laser printers working under linux.
But this product looks really interesting, because its cheap, offers PCL-6 and
10 pages/min. RAM can be updated with normal PS/2-Simms. In Germany the price
is 800,- DM (= 450 $).


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1. Brother HL-1050 vs HL-1060


After looking at printers (I bought a NEC 870 which I'm about to
return, since it won't support 600x600 under Linux), it appears to me
that the Brother HL-10[56]0 printers look like the best deal.

The choices seem to be:

HL-1060: No longer manufactured, can be found for $269, support
Postscript 2 emulation for $140, us a 20MHz MIPS-chip, PCL-5 support.

HL-1070: New machine, around $399, no plans for Postscript, has USB,
uses 66MHz SPARC-compatibly processor, PCL-6 support.

For the same price, the tradeoff is between doing Postscript on the
printer on a 20MHz machine, or doing it with ghostscript on the PII
and sending it to the 1050.  I'm thinking that the Brother PS-2
emulation is unlikely to be better or faster than gs-5.10, and if USB
will be supported under Linux, then the data transfer rates should
support fast printing even if rasterization happens on the host.

Does anyone have any experience or feedback with either of these?
Also, does anyone know a major chain that sells these printers at
reasonable prices?



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