Any idea on EATA-DMA support on Redhat 4.0??

Any idea on EATA-DMA support on Redhat 4.0??

Post by Tony Schwart » Tue, 14 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have been running a DPT PM3224A RAID 5 Controller on Slackware for over a
year but tried to upgrade to Redhat 4.0 (i386).

It claims to have EATA-DMA support which is what this controller runs as.
Yet, during the install, it does the autoprobe to find the controller then
comes back with a Kernel Panic... Unable to find device.  I have tried
several different options with no success.

Any ideas???



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   I have a DPT PM2022/95a that isn't initializing with the (appropriate)
boot disk from my Caldera Network Desktop CD. "HBA at (insert address here)
did not respond to INQUIRE - Sorry"

   Is there an alternate bootdisk? I am fairly well read on the
difficulties of combining DPT SCSI hosts with 1.2.13 kernels, but oddly
enough Debian 0.93r6 didn't complain at all. I am using IRQ 15 edge and
BIOS is enabled at D800, secondary boot address.

 - Eric

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