Laptop for Linux

Laptop for Linux

Post by Jare » Wed, 21 Jun 2006 07:26:53

Hi all!

        I'm looking for laptop which will work nice with Linux. What I want:
  - light < 2.5kg
  - long life battery > 2.5h
  - CPU ~1.5GHz will be enough
  - WORKING modem
  - wi-fi
  - wide screen, but 14 will be enough
  - DVD recorder
  - irda or bluetooth would be great
  - manufacturer support for linux would be great also

Is there something like this on the market ?

best regards


1. Toshiba Laptop with Linux

I have been looking at the Toshiba Satellite 320CDS or 325CDS laptop,
and I am interesting in buying a laptop w/o an operating system even,
I need to only install Linux on it. I travel a lot and would like to
take my work with me on someting other than a diskette, just keep it on
the hard drive, or ftp it from my desktop to the laptop... If you need
the details on the laptop here they are:

233 Mhz Pentium (512KB pipelined burst SRAM level 2 cache 66MHz)
32M EDO DRAM (expandable to 160)
20x integrated CDROM
4.1 G hard disk
3.5'' integrated floppy drive
Color Bright dual scan display 12.1''/800x600
C&T HiQVideo PCI (65555) 64 bit BitBLT 2MB EDO Dram.
Yamaha Sound System (SB Pro Compatible)
Xircom K56Flex PC Card Modem (This is a real modem not a WINMODEM,

Thanks for a reply


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