known problems? cyrix p166+ on asus p55t2p4 with intel-hx 430

known problems? cyrix p166+ on asus p55t2p4 with intel-hx 430

Post by Frank Prieste » Wed, 16 Oct 1996 04:00:00

hey linux-master,

i'll like to plug a cyrix p166+ on an asus p55t2p4 with intel-hx 430.
friends told me, that
there are problem compiling linux on this asus-board with pentiums.
are there any kind of known problems runnung linux on cryix/asus?
if there are no problems, forget this mail, if there are, i would like
to know?

thanks for your problems
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1. 430 hx and *ODD* Problems

 Alright folks, I went cheap on this one....
I bought a Directwave system, with a TR-4 MB, which supposedly has a 430 hx chipset.
I have an OPTI 82C930 soundcard, and a trio 64 (Diamond Stealth 64) video card.
I have a quantum sirocco 1700a hd, 48 meg o' ram, and a P166, running kernel 2.0.25, and rh 4.0.
Here's the symptoms:

1. Whenever I try to compile triton support into my kernel, the machine crashes unpredictably in X.
2. Even without triton support in the kernel, when I try to play a sound in X, and it does not have
anything to do with the cdrom, that is, I try to play an .au, or a wav, the machine locks up tighter than a drum.
3. The Trio 64 complains of not being able to use its linear framebuffer, and when there is triton support, even
when I make sure that dma is enabled with hdparm, it still gives dma disabled messages on /var/log/messages.
4. I used rh 2.1 before this, with kernel 1.3.20, and it was stable, but slow without pci support, or triton, and
it wasn't as nice without sound.
5. If I try to play a sound in a terminal, there is no problem unless I switch to X in the middle.
6. No problems otherwise. If I don't touch triton, and avoid the .au and wav files like the plague in x, then I
never have a problem at all, and am rock solid.

A friend (Simon Karpen, among the first 20,000 linux users in the US) suggested that it is a dma fault in my
motherboard. However, Win 95 (so shoot me, I don't care) has no problem with my triton or the dma, or the sound. I
just want a second opinion before I decide to wrestle over warranty work with Directwave (the manufacturer), or go
out and buy a new motherboard. Tell me what you all think, and tell me if there's an easy fix.

Thanks in advance,


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