2.4.14 usb-storage + Acer 4406EU USB CDRW

2.4.14 usb-storage + Acer 4406EU USB CDRW

Post by Zia Kha » Mon, 25 Mar 2002 02:59:01

Has anyone encountered any problems w/ the Acer 4406EU w/ the 2.4.14
kernel? It appears the first couple sectors aren't being written properly.
I get iso_fs bread errors when trying to mount burned CDs. I have no
problems w/ the 2.4.5 kernel.



1. USB-OHCI + USB broken in 2.4.14/15pre2?

I would suggest trying to do a "pci_enable_device(dev);" at the very top
of ohci_pci_resume(). It sounds like your suspend/resume doesn't
re-enable PCI interrupt routing, and doing the device enable will make
the kernel re-route the interrupt for you.

If that helps, please send me the tested patch, and forward it to the
appropriate USB people too.

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