PC IMAC ISDN card with RH 5 ?

PC IMAC ISDN card with RH 5 ?

Post by P.A. Oudakke » Sun, 05 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone some experience with the (Digiboard) PC IMAC ISDN card with Linux
??? (RH 5)
Is this card supported and where can i find drivers for it.




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Hi There,

Can someone out there can help me with the following question: I use ISDN
at home, DigiBoard PC/IMAC, with MSDOS drivers (available from ftp.digiboard.com). As I just installed Linux 1.2.8 (Slackware 2.3.0 distribution), I wonder:
can I use my ISDN card under Linux?
I would be obliged if you could answer by email, as I still don't read these
groups regularly.

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