Capture stills from JVC Video camera

Capture stills from JVC Video camera

Post by John Cullet » Wed, 09 Oct 2002 06:08:57

My video camera has connectors (e.g. USB) to enable a computer to
receive still images from the camcorder. Assuming that somebody,
somewhere, has written appropriate software
what special hardware if any is needed?

Is there in fact a Linux application program to receive video stills
through an USB port?

All replies appreciated

John Culleton


1. Sony camera download stills...


Recently got a Sony TRV320 digital video camera that can take digital
stills as well.  Good camera, but the software is all for Windows.  I do
*not* have a firewire connection on my computer (sigh), but do have a
serial cable that the Windows software uses to transfer the data from
the "Memory stick" which is a FAT formatted memory thing.

Any ideas on software or how I could transfer the stills using the
serial connection without rebooting to windows all the time?  Any good
software out there?



Craig Jones

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