Acermagic FX-3d Sound Compatibility

Acermagic FX-3d Sound Compatibility

Post by Abdul But » Sat, 08 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hello... i just installed linux (after 5 tries) and wanted to setup sound. So i used the
sndconfig but i kept on getting errors (something like dsp reset error).  I asked someone
about it and they said that it is because my soundcard isn't sb16 or compatible (but i
thought it was).  So well the question is how can i get the sound card setup right?? I
know the card sucks but i had no choice



1. AcerMagic FX-3D

Hello everyone,
        Does linux support that sound card mentioned in the subject?
And if so, could someone point me to where I could get the driver source.
If not, are there any plans for writing a device driver for it? And if
there are no plans, is it because noone has done it and noone wants to,
or because the card specs have not been released to the linux community.

Thank you.


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