Looking for Digital Audio sound card

Looking for Digital Audio sound card

Post by Mark Hea » Thu, 11 Sep 1997 04:00:00

        Im looking to see if any Digital Audio Sound cards.  I've checked
the Sound howto but non of the sound cards mention if they have digital
audio support (IE the cards with the S/PDIF connectors) ??

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1. Audio Drivers for Digital sound card

Does any know of a FreeBSD driver for Digital Audio's CardD ?
 (It's a digital sound card which can take digital data straight from a
DAT tapes. )
I have searched the Digital Audio Labs web site and there's no official
driver, but if anyone knows a way of getting it to work that'd be really
useful and meana I avoid having to use Windoze.

Thanks in advance,
Geoff Williams

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