Linux support for Canon BJC-4000 or BJC-4100?

Linux support for Canon BJC-4000 or BJC-4100?

Post by John Bro » Sun, 01 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Does Linux support the Canon BJC-4000 color printer?

How about the new BJC-4100?
John Brock


1. Canon BJC 4000 or 4100 opinions?


   I'm looking for a new printer, as it seems my dot matrix is trying to
get into the Guinness book of World Records for the greatest number
of consecutive paper jams in a single day.  That, and the output quality
is much worse than I'd like...

    I'd like something for mostly black and white printing, but with
occasional color, and a few intensive color prints...  I've been looking
at ink jet printers and the like, and I've seen a few names thrown
around... (I am also considering the HP-660)  I haven't heard much about
the Canon BJC-4000.  (I guess it is being replaced now by the BJC-4100?).  
I bought PC magazine for the printer roundup, but they only had the portable
Canon.  They completely ignored the 4000 series!  (Any idea why?)  

    I've gone to their web site, and read about it.  It seems like a
wonderful printer!  (Good price too!)  But can anyone tell me how good it
really is?

   Also... The Canon is called a "bubble jet" printer.  Is that the
same as "ink jet", or is it something different?

   (I've crossposted this to c.o.l.m. because this printer will be
used in MS-DOS, Windoze, and Linux, so it must be able to work with
all 3 of the above...  Especially important to me is that it can be
used to print postscript via Ghostview (or something similar))

   As far as features go, low price is very important, quality is
very important, speed doesn't matter too much...

   Well, any answers, experiences, advice, etc. anyone can give me
would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks very much in advance!


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2. Thank you all very much.

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