AMD K-5 Problem solved!!!

AMD K-5 Problem solved!!!

Post by Randy Lee Carpent » Wed, 21 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Thanks to posts in this group, I solved my problem with the K-5 and

After about 15min of idle time, everything would die with a seg. fault. I
simply compiled support for Advanced Power Management in the kernel, and
it is fine now!! Thanks for those who posted regarding the problem !!

now.,. the question is, why didnt it crash an older kernel?? :)

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1. AMD K-5

    We're running FreeBSD version 2.1.5 here as our router with a LINUX box
doing the actual PPP connections over a 10MBPS ethernet running BNC and novell
lite for the DOS boxes.
    Over time, we've been noticing instability with the FreeBSD.  Files have
changed their permissions at times, the system doesn't always come up when
rebooted (the cache had to be diasbled or it would lose the keyboard or hard
drive soemtimes.) and other odd failures.  I've read in the FreeBSD magazine I
got that FreeBSD is a very stable system and it does work well as our router,
even if it is an old version.
    My question is: does FreeBSD have a problem with AMD K-5 75 chips?  The net
card in that box is an etherlink III (I believe) and the 24/7 PPP connect is
made by way of a 28.8KBPS modem.  Failures on this system are usually comming
from the other end.  We had to move the system to another modem at our connect
point and FreeBSD's ppp wouldn't rout for any of the other systems (only the
phone number and IP data was changed for the connection.)
    Thank you for your time.


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