Seagate 850 Decathalon

Seagate 850 Decathalon

Post by Jason M. Le » Wed, 29 May 1996 04:00:00

        The EZ-Drive software that comes w/ the drive surpasses the
528MB ATA (IDE) limitation, so I tried setting up LILO to begin
after this loads, but Linux won't load.  I tried setting up the
software so it sets up after choosing to load from DOS, but Linux
then won't recognize the full drive. Any suggestions? Thanks in


1. Seagate 850 EIDE help

I have this new drive that is EIDE mode 4. It is a Seagate 850. WHen i
boot up Linux, it says there is a bad block on the drive. DOS recognizes
the driver perfectly, but Linux can't mount it. Can someone please help
me out?

Oh, one last thing. I have a QUantum730 SCSI. However, I can't get this
drive to read in DOS> It shows up in fdisk but it doesn't seem to work.
ANy ideas>
Hussein Kanji

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