Post by Perry Gri » Mon, 21 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Yet Another PnP Question

I have been running a AUSU T2P4 P150 w/ PnP modem just fine
with a 2.0.27 kernel and isapnp tools.  Then I moved an
NE200 clone (set for IRQ10, I believe) and an original 8 bit
sound blaster into the box (set up for IRQ7) and the modem
quit working.  The modem is the ONLY PnP board in the machine
and it was configured for IRQ5.

Solution was to pull out the sound blaster board (IRQ7), then
the modem (IRQ5) worked again.  pppd complained about /dev/modem
not existing with the SB card in the box (but it IS there).

Why does PnP prevent me from using jumpered IRQ7 board?  How
does PnP work (any technical papers on the web?)?  Why is it
so much more difficult to configure PnP hardware that the old
"just add jumpers" hardware?  Was there a bug with the older
isapnp tools that effected IRQ7 while configuring IRQ5?

Perry Grieb
E-mail: pgrieb at netusa1 dot net