ParallelPort FlatBed Scanner Driver ?

ParallelPort FlatBed Scanner Driver ?

Post by Thomas Regne » Sat, 15 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Hi there,
I posted this Questions a week ago, but it seemes that it never
reached the newsnet (I al least never saw it).


Is there anywhere a driver for a ParallelPort plugged
PRIMAX flatbed scanner for LinuX available?

If not, does anyone know, how the protocol is build,
what to send to the parallelport, to get the scanner to respond,
instead of the printer, etc.?

I just mailed to the only PRIMAX Adress I found at several WebSites
but they do not answer my Questions yet.

It's annoying to have use Windoze to scan images I want to
use under LinuX-applications.

Any help will be appreciated!
Maybe there is a way to find out, what information goes over the PP
while scanning under Windoze and use this information to build a
kernel included Driver myself, any ideas?