Quiet Low Power Homebuilt - Run Linux, be firewall / SMTP / NTP / WWW Proxy / fetchmail etc

Quiet Low Power Homebuilt - Run Linux, be firewall / SMTP / NTP / WWW Proxy / fetchmail etc

Post by Robert Davie » Tue, 31 Oct 2000 00:05:03

My mother machine, a twin overclocked Celeron/BP6 combo, is too noisy and my
gf complains if I leave it on, for some reason, she doesn't find the mission
control sound effects reassuring.

Anyone been there?  Got the shirt?

I want a low power consumption (it will run all time), quiet, machine that
I'd build to spec, that will either connect to the Internet periodcally with
dialup, or be attached by cable modem.  Have thought about Linux Router
Project box, which wouldn't even need a hard disk, but then the relaying and
proxy would be screwed by power failures.

As it will run Linux, I don't need a super fast CPU, or large amounts of
RAM, I'd consider things like Transmeta Crusoe, mobile CPUs or underclocking
a Duron.  Graphics etc are not required.

The Crusoe is probably not mature enough, it should be a short project not
one that I need to struggle with.  Haven't a clue about mobile Mobo's and
case requirements.  Maybe an option is to use one of my trusty Celeron
300a's and actually run them at Intel clock speed with FSB 66MHz, though it
seems somewhat sacrilegous...  Then I'd just need some 'stealth' fans, and
could treat myself to a A7V, or KT7 plus Tbird, for the mother system.

Appreciate any suggestions, especially if you Cc: via email incase I miss
the thread.



1. low-power, low cost hardware for solar powered project

I am researching hardware for a project that has the following primary

1. low-power consumption
2. min. 2 serial ports, Ethernet port
3. capable of running a Java 2 JVM (and I mean running - not crawling ;-))
4. capaple of running an embedded DB (Java) system
5. low cost

I had a good search at the archives but most of the suggestions seem to be
'cutting edge' type hardware - which in most cases means high cost . I would
rather go for some established hardware as my computing requirements are not
that high.

The software that the system is going to run is very networking heavy
(XML-RPC ...) but no GUI or Graphics stuff. The system is going to run more
or less headless.

Size of the system is not a big issue. System is going pretty much

Since my background is more software heavy I would like to get some feedback
what hardware is being used out there for similar projects.

Thanks in advance,

Leo Gaggl
Adelaide, South Australia

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