Triton/133/Linux problems (???)

Triton/133/Linux problems (???)

Post by Phil La » Sun, 26 Nov 1995 04:00:00

: Anyone else having problems with triton MBs.

: chipset: triton 82430FX
: cpu: 133 pentium
: ram: 32 megs 60ns
: controller: 2940, 1540B (both tried)
: video: #9 771, Actix ISA (both tried)

: symptoms: random locking, core dumps/signal11/signal6 and EIPs when compiling
:           large programs.  

Had the same problem... Ended up getting a Micronics Motherboard which solved
the problem... I am told the ASUS Mb's do a great job but I could only find
the 133 capable's with EISA bus only....

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1. weird problem, adaptec 2940, pentium 133, triton II mb

I've been runnin SCO Openserver 5 on a system with a Triton II MB
with 512K cache, a Pentium 75, and a 2gb Seagate disk on an adaptec
2940 host adapter.

Last week I decided to upgrade the processor to a 133mhz. I dropped
in the new CPU, changed two jumpers on the motherboard to indicate
the CPU was a 133, and rebooted.

All hell broke loose.

In a nutshell, it appears that SCO is attempting to retrieve data from
the host adapter faster than the host adapter can provide it. For instance,
I'll get read errors on files that I know are just fine (for instance, if
I attempt to re-link the kernel I'll get a "cannot read archive header from
.../pack.d/....". Other times the system will hang during the boot process,
or services will not start with various errors related to being unable to
read config files.

If I put the 75mhz chip back in, everything works fine.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what my problem might be?

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