Keyboard/mouse sharing in software

Keyboard/mouse sharing in software

Post by Ia » Thu, 03 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hello all, this is a question about keyboard/mouse sharing --- with a

I have two machines, one runs X, one doesn't. They both have keyboards
and mice attached, but the non-X machine has an infrared keyboard
attached so I can read my email without getting out of bed ;-)

What I want to be able to do is to control the X-aware machine from
the infrared keyboard/mouse attached to the non-X-aware machine. I've
seen x2x, it only handles the mouse cursor, not the keyboard, and both
machines have to run X. I've also seen magic keyboard on sunsite, this
doesn't handle mouse and is labelled as alpha software, although the
lack of mouse support kills it for me immediately.

What I need is a program that will react to hotkeys and jump in,
taking over mouse and keyboard control from the X-aware machine and
replacing it with the input from the infrared keyboard, which it would
read from the non-X-aware machine and relay over IP. The normal
keyboard/mouse on the X-aware machine would not function while this is
happening. Another hotkey would switch control back to the non-X-aware
machine and re-enable the keyboard and mouse on the X-aware machine.

Does anyone know of such a beast? I've searched the net in as many
ways as I can think of, but can't find neither hide nor hair of
anything that does what I want. I know that active switchboxes can do
all this, but they also cost the earth and it's really a software
thing, hardware's not needed for this.

If anyone can help, please do.

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