Anyone gotten ftape working with IOMega Ditto 2GB?

Anyone gotten ftape working with IOMega Ditto 2GB?

Post by Matthew Dail » Mon, 30 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has gotten ftape to work with the IOMega
Ditto 2GB?  I guess it is pretty new, and has its own special tapes.

My hardware works fine under DOS/Windows.

With ftape-2.08, built into the kernel, I can rewind and retension the
tape, but when I try to erase, ftape aborts because it gets a "wrong
header signature."

With ftape-2.09, loaded as a module, the module initializes fine and
finds the floppy controller, but can't find the tape drive:
"ftape-ctl.c (ftape_activate_drive) - no tape drive found !."  This
sounds like the problem an earlier poster was having with his Ditto

So does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong or if the 2GB is
incompatible with other Dittos?


**                         Matthew Dailey                       **

**        Department of Computer Science and Engineering        **
**              University of California, San Diego             **


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work with RedHat Linux 6.0 but haven't had any success.  I've tried
recompiling the kernel, setting-up boot-time parameters in lilo, and
all sorts of other gunk.  (Sigh!)  And, yes, I *have* read the
Ftape-HOWTO and other documents, but I find them somewhat cryptic.

Can someone out there who's using this drive with Linux puhleeeze send
me an e-mail walking me through the steps to get it going????  (Sigh!)

Thanks, in advance, for any assistance anyone can offer.


Chris O'Neill

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