ISDN Calling problems

ISDN Calling problems

Post by Henry Palmroo » Sat, 22 Jul 2000 04:00:00


I'm having a little ISDN problem. The problem is that when I call out
the IMON program says that it's infact INCOMING, and not OUTGOING???
Usually this problems occurs when calling first time, and it
disappears (usually) after trying few times, but it's pretty damn
annoying. Anyidea what's wrong? I'm using newest ISDN4Utils package
that I could find ( isdn4k-utils.v3.1pre1.tar.gz ) and latest stable
kernel version 2.2.16.

ISDN card:
AsusCOM ISDNLink PCI 128k (type 35 = HFC 2BDS0 PCI)

module loading:
modprobe isdn
modprobe hisax type=35 protocol=2
modprobe isdn_bsdcomp
modprobe isdn_lzscomp

ISDN configuration file:
ifconfig ippp0 down
ifconfig ippp1 down
isdnctrl delif ippp0
isdnctrl delif ippp1

isdnctrl addif ippp0
isdnctrl eaz ippp0 <my own number>
isdnctrl addphone ippp0 out <ISP number>
isdnctrl secure ippp0 on
isdnctrl dialmode ippp0 manual
isdnctrl dialmax ippp0 1
isdnctrl huptimeout ippp0 600
isdnctrl ihup ippp0 off
isdnctrl chargehup ippp0 off
isdnctrl l2_prot ippp0 hdlc
isdnctrl l3_prot ippp0 trans
isdnctrl encap ippp0 syncppp
isdnctrl callback ippp0 off

isdnctrl addslave ippp0 ippp1
isdnctrl eaz ippp1 <my own number>
isdnctrl addphone ippp1 out <ISP number>
isdnctrl secure ippp1 on
isdnctrl dialmode ippp1 manual
isdnctrl dialmax ippp1 1
isdnctrl huptimeout ippp1 600
isdnctrl ihup ippp1 off
isdnctrl chargehup ippp1 off
isdnctrl l2_prot ippp1 hdlc
isdnctrl l3_prot ippp1 trans
isdnctrl encap ippp1 syncppp
isdnctrl callback ippp1 off

 When I call out (isdnctrl dial ippp0) the IMON says that the call is
INCOMING, so it should not be a really big problem, but I'm little
bit of afraid that ISDN does something silly when I calling out and
increases my phone bill (which is big enough without any extra
calling going around) :(

 Any ideas?


1. Problems with incoming calls on ISDN device

Hi all,

I have an AsusCom ISDNLink I-IN100-ST-DV card on Redhat 5.2 kernel version
2.0.36, using isdn4k-utils-3.0beta2-2.  I also have a modem piggybacked
through the POTS port of the ISDN card.

I have configured things so that I am able to make an outbound ISDN call,
that side of things appears to work fine.  My problem is with incoming calls
and outgoing analogue calls.

When I connect a modem or telephone to the POTS port on the ISDN card, I get
no dialtone.  When I try to make a call from a telephone to the ISDN number,
I get the following errors in my log files:
Feb  2 11:10:54 netsvr01 kernel: isdn_net: Incoming call without OAD,
assuming '0'
Feb  2 11:10:54 netsvr01 kernel: isdn_net: Incoming call without CPN,
assuming '0'
Feb  2 11:10:54 netsvr01 kernel: isdn_tty: Incoming call without OAD,
assuming '0'
Feb  2 11:10:54 netsvr01 kernel: isdn_tty: Incoming call without CPN,
assuming '0'
Feb  2 11:10:54 netsvr01 kernel: isdn_tty: call from 0 -> 0 ignored

I guess here that the ISDN card isn't getting any D-channel information on
the call, but for whatever reason either can't or won't pass it through to
the POTS port.

Can anyone offer advice on what I am doing wrong?


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