Help with serial port

Help with serial port

Post by cr?s » Tue, 18 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Please help me (again). I've a ISDN-Telephon, wich runs on other PC but not
on mine. The kernel supports ISDN, but although I send the right AT
commmands I dont get a answer of the telephon. But it works perfectly on
windoze :( !!!
Could it be that linux doesnt open the COM1 (ttyS0) port correctly, so that
the phone doesnt get any commands? How can I open this port on C/C++? How
can I check out if the ttyS0 works or not?



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Hi linux hardware gurus,
        I have a 28.8k modem, but i'm not taking full advantage of
        the 28.8k speed.  This is because I'm using a serial port with
        16450UART. For this reason I borrowed a Boca BB1004 from
        a friend. However the Boca docs don't show any specification
        regarding to what chip(UART) it uses.
        Please enlighten me folks ... thanks
                                                Jing Tan

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