need old NEC CDR-260 driver

need old NEC CDR-260 driver

Post by ral.. » Wed, 14 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hi, I have a Slackware Linux distribution that won't recognize my NEC CDR-260
CD-ROM.  I've got an old one, before the ATAPI standard was known ( at least
by NEC) I got it to work with OS/2 WARP by using an old version -- so can any
one help me find an old driver for Linux?




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Hi. I just got a CD-Rom distribution of Slackware's Linux but I can't install it.  It
seems to recognize my NEC CDR-260 before installation, but can't actually access it.
I had this problem when I installed OS/2 Warp, seems my CD-ROM was built before
ATAPI was fully defined.  The point is, I don't need the LATEST driver, I need an
older one.  If anyone had the same problem or can help in any way I'd be


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