Tyan Tahoe-II 440FX bios 2.08 upgrade and boot problems

Tyan Tahoe-II 440FX bios 2.08 upgrade and boot problems

Post by Gerdjan Buske » Sat, 06 Feb 1999 04:00:00


I have upgraded the BIOS on a TYAN TAHOE II (FX440) with
2x PII266

- 2x IDE (Channel 1 as master-slave)

Now I upgraded the BIOS because it would not detect large >8.4GB drives.
It does that properly now.  Linux is fine with the drives as well.

Adding one IDE disk (long time ago) meant that I had to boot lilo and have
lilo pick up the SCSI disk.  This was fine.

The second IDE drive (last week) killed this boot setup, but I think that
is because the SCSI disk becomes the third disk in the system.

The problem occured after I upgraded the BIOS:

Although all disks now contain a LILO boot sector (/dev/sda /dev/hda &
/dev/hdb) these are never found by the BIOS!  This is strange.

Anyone have problems like this with this board ?



1. Problem Installing Solaris 2.6 i386 on a TYAN TAHOE II


I have a problem installing SOLARIS 2.6 i386 on a computer with the
following configuration:

Mainboard:       TYAN TAHOE II (Dual Pentium II, 266 MHz)
RAM:             128 MByte
SCSI:            Adaptec 2940UW
HD:              Quantum Atlas II (9 GByte)
CD:              Plextor 24

The configuration assistant works well. After this part is
finished, the wants to boot the kernel and it crashes!

I have the lastest driver updates (package 3).

Did anyone faces the same problem ?

Please contact me on one of the following mail addresses:

Thanks, Guido

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