Filesystem corruption on Connor drive.

Filesystem corruption on Connor drive.

Post by Mark Stopard-Bake » Fri, 01 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I seem to recall postings a while back relating to the filesystem
becoming corrupted on large (>= 1Gig) Connor drives. I have one
and it has (three times).

If my memory is correct, and there is a problem, is anyones memory better
and can they give a hint on a fix/workaround. The filesystem corruption
is catastrophic way beyond the capabilities of e2fsck to fix.

Thanks in advance.


1. Connor 1060S & Corruption

Hi Folks,

We are concerned about some "strange" things that have occured with data
on Connor 1060S SCSI drives on 2 different Systems.

Hardware wise, about the only things common between the two systems
are the Connor drives, the SMC 8013 network cards, and 1540 SCSI
adapters (genuine adaptec though one is somehat older than the other but
unfortunately, I don't have exact model details with me).
One machine is an AcerMate 800 75Mhz Pentium and the other is a
"bits and pieces" 486 clone which apart from this problem has run
faultlessly in a development environment for more than 2 years.

Software wise, one system is runnnig SCO ODT 3 .0 and INFORMIX SE 5.03
and the other is running SCO Open Server Enterprise 5.0 and INFORMIX SE

On both systems, there are IDE root filesystem drives and the SCSI's are
secondary drives.

From time to time Informix Data Files (usually .idx files but not always)
get slightly corrupted.  They are nearly always fixable with bcheck/secheck.
We also get a "No such device or address" error during queries occasionally.
Both problems ocur on both systems and usually occur at least once or
twice a week.

These problems never occur on the IDE drives in these systems, nor
have we ever had any problems with non Informix files.  We have other
systems using 1540 controllers but not the Connor Drives that are also
running Informix etc flawlessly.  These two systems are the only ones
with these connor drives.

Has anyone ever seen such problems and better still khow to reslove them
(apart from the obvious "go out and buy a new system" approach)?



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