SCSI/aha274x/aic7xxx trouble -- SOLVED!

SCSI/aha274x/aic7xxx trouble -- SOLVED!

Post by David Shem Key » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 14:14:28

I'd been having problems with intermittent HARD crashes of my sytem consisting
of an AHA2742T, Seagate ST3600N, Maxtor 245MB, Tandberg Tape Drive, and Sony
CDU-561.  The crashes would only occur when accessing a drive other than the
drive that contained my root partition.

Here's what I did to SOLVE the problem.

It seems that there is some kind of error in the aic7xxx driver with regards
disconnect/reconnect.  I simply changed my eisa configuration disallowing
disconnect/reconnect for all scsi devices on channel A... and BINGO!  I haven't
had a time-out, abort, reset sequence since.  There's a potential loss of
speed, especially for multi-host scsi busses, but it's worth the stability

Hope this helps someone else... the problem had me pulling out hair for months!

Dave Keyes