Sound: MP3 Playback Problem

Sound: MP3 Playback Problem

Post by Eric Chu » Mon, 16 Apr 2001 23:01:56

    I'm trying to use a program called mpegrec 1.0 by Andrew Sandoval.
The problem I'm having is that after I record something and try playing
it back using xmms, sound only comes out of the right side of my

    When I try recording something by typing, cat /dev/dsp > myvoice, I
get a recording that comes out of both sides of my speakers.  I know
it's not lame because I tried converting a wav file into mp3 format and
playing it back with sound coming out perfectly.  I've also tried
recording using sox and piping the stdout to lame, but I get the same
one-sided audio output.  I've tried real-time mp3 recording with the
cdrom as my input and that works perfectly also.

    I tried adjusting the balance in kmix and I got some interesting
results.  When I set the balance all the way to the left (the side that
isn't getting recorded), I get no sound at all from the microphone.
When I set the balance all the way to the right, all the sound comes out
of the right side of the speakers.

    I've also tried looking in xload to see if my system is being
overloaded or not.  xload doesn't give me a load of 100% so that's good.

Here is my computer setup:
    Pentium II 266
    Sound Blaster PCI128 (ES1370)
    Shuttle HOT637 mobo
    Linux Mandrake 7.1
    96MB RAM
    Maxtor Diamondplus HDD 7.5 Gigs
    Altec Lansing ACS48

Any suggestions into what may be wrong will be greatly appreciated.