Help needed with PCMCIA ethernet card

Help needed with PCMCIA ethernet card

Post by Christopher E » Tue, 16 Apr 1996 04:00:00


I cannot get my newly purchased network running.  I have a 3C509 in my
tower PC and an SCM ethernet combo card in my laptop.  They are the only
computers in a thinwire "network".  Both run Linux 1.3.88.

On my tower PC, I did:
        ifconfig eth0 netmask up
        route add -net dev eth0

On the laptop, I did:
        insmod of pcmcia_core, i82365, ds, 8390 and pcnet_cs
        ifconfig eth0 netmask up
        route add -net dev eth0

A ping from to doesn't say anything.  When I
interrupt it with a CRTL-C, I get a "Socket destroy delayed (r=0 w=1072)"
message from syslog (the number at w=... varies).

A ping from to doesn't work either.  It complains
like "eth0: pcnet_reset_8390() did not complete" and repeats this message
a few times.

Both ethernet cards are new, I'm new to networking and PCMCIA.  So, I'm
totally lost.  *** HELP ***

My configuration:
        Linux 1.3.88 on both PCs, gcc-2.7.0 (if that matters)
        SCM ethernet PCMCIA card with combo box
        3C509 ethernet card
        thinwire, directly connected, no T's, no terminators
probe says: "Intel PCIC probe: Vadem VG-468 found, 2 sockets"

Any help greatly appreciated,
Christopher Etz           Kopernikusstr. 28       D-65929 Frankfurt/Main


Help needed with PCMCIA ethernet card

Post by ma.. » Sun, 21 Apr 1996 04:00:00

>    thinwire, directly connected, no T's, no terminators

That's your problem right here. you *NEED* the T's and terminators, even
if you have only two machines...




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