Backup on DAT autoloader : does it work ?

Backup on DAT autoloader : does it work ?

Post by Andre Patrouilli » Tue, 29 Jun 1999 04:00:00


Do you have any experience in using a DAT autoloader, e.g. HP Surestore DAT
24x6 or Seagate Scorpion 96 in a Linux server ?

What software do you use for network backup ?

I would welcome any advice and suggestions.

Andre Patrouillie


1. Conner 4584 DAT tape backup with 12 tape Autoloader

I just got a Conner 4584 DAT tape backup with the 12 tape Autoloader, it
is a nice drive. Linux sees the drive and everything, but I don't know
how to make it select tapes with the Autoloader. Is this drive supported
under linux?

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