DVD drives in laptops and DVD+-RW's

DVD drives in laptops and DVD+-RW's

Post by Jube » Tue, 06 Apr 2004 00:55:27


I have 2 laptops, one relatively old (Celeron 800 based) and another
relatively new (P4 2.6 based).

Both seem to have problems accessing DVD+RW disks.  They'll work fine
for a bit then die horribly.  Under Windows, I get serious video stutter
playing dvd movies from DVD+RW's, under Linux xine will pop up an error
saying it can no longer read a disk.  Large file copies die horribly
too.  The same disks work fine on my PC's DVD writer.  The problem
occurs on disks written with both my writer, and a friend's writer.

I am at a complete loss now and this is incredibly irritating.

Thanks in advance


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1. DVD SCSI burner, I want DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM

I've googled until I'm blue (would that be bluegled?) and I can't
find a DVD burner that has all of what I want.  These seem to be
what people like for Linux:


NEC ND1100A DVD+RW/+R, DVD-R, CD-R/-RW (replaces above Ricoh)

HP DVD300i (DVD+RW/+R, CD-R/-RW)
(watch the line wrap)


All of the above units are EIDE.  Is there a SCSI DVD burner that
works with Linux?  My reason for wanting this is the wonderful
burning throughput I get with my SCSI CD burner.  I *NEVER* have
buffer underruns no matter how much else my system is doing.
I can even backup to my SCSI tape at the same time without
problems.  I'm nervous that an IDE burner will force me into
buffer underrun land.


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