Driver for Trident 975 Video chip/Board

Driver for Trident 975 Video chip/Board

Post by Carl Hei » Sun, 21 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have installed Redhat 5.2 to a new computer having a Jaton-87AGP
video board.  Linux runs in text-mode, but I am trying to get into
X-windows.  The board was not listed in the Redhat install script, so I
tried the generic-svga driver, but the screen just goes blank.  

The video board is based on the Trident 975 chip which is listed in
the XFree86 distribution.  I tried downloading the driver, but upon
running RPM to install it, get the following message:

    > rpm -ivh xsvga-3.3.rpm

    failed dependencies:
   is needed by xsvga-3.3.3-3

Any clues?

(I am not a newbie to Unix, but I am new to installing Linux on PCs.)


Driver for Trident 975 Video chip/Board

Post by Juan » Wed, 24 Feb 1999 04:00:00

        You have to install more packages in order to make X work; that library
needed is in xlib-3.3.rpm (or something like that); you also need xbin, xcfg,
xfonts, xsetup and xvga16 (this one even if you plan to install the svga server,
because it's used by the configuration program XF86Setup).

        Good luck with the trident; it probably won't run with the svga server;
if you can update to Xfree

Juan Ignacio Roman Sanchez


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Does anyone have any experience with the above video card? I am running
Slackware 3.4 and download the latest version of XFree86 server (3.3.2).
Somehow, when I started up X server, display (monitor) goes blank except
in 640x480 resolution. At the beginning, I thought that that was
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Now my question is:
X server starts, but no display. Would that means the X server doesn't
support it or the video card has problem?

Thanks in advance.


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