Help: Multiple sounds at once?

Help: Multiple sounds at once?

Post by root » Fri, 09 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hey there.  I've been flying between distributions and it seems as if I
have finally settled on SuSE 6.0.  However, this requires a bit more
configuration than my last distro, RedHat 5.2.  Case in point, my
soundcard - an AWE 64.

        In RedHat 5.2, it was able to play mp3's, wav's anything all at once.
However, after spending 5 hours straight yesterday trying to get sound
in SuSE, I finally found my way to  Ok, works great - but
when I start up x11amp - that's all I hear.  Damn!  So how the hell do I
get it like it was before?  

Config Info:
  Just installed latest trial OSS dirver from
  Running Kernel 2.2.4 with Sound card support as modular (could this be
the problem?  OSS is also modular, but I just got the new one.  And
shouldn't I not even need the damn trial OSS if I've got kernel 2.2.x.
That's what the deal was with redhat).

That seems to be all the pertinent info.

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In case you're wondering, I have tried isapnptools, pnpdump and all
that.  Have read the Sound HOWTO, have read the AWE64-Mini-HOWTO, have
re-compiled the damn kernel I dunno how many times, etc, etc, etc.  I
just want multiple sounds again and don't want to have to install RedHat
again to get 'em! <G>