??: Mandrake, XWindows and Trident PCI Video Card Error - Can't Detect Video RAM???

??: Mandrake, XWindows and Trident PCI Video Card Error - Can't Detect Video RAM???

Post by Douglas E. Mitt » Sun, 11 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hi All;

I am trying to help a friend install Mandrake.  He is a new user and
everything went well except for the XFree86 configuration.

Xconfigurator reports an error trying to probe the video card for
memory.  It reports 64K of memory where Win98 recognises 2meg.  The
card is identified as a Trident PCI 96xx (I think), the card is
supposed to be a 94xx, but I think the SVGA server handles several
models with the same driver.

This means that XWindows will only open in 300x320 mode (or something
equally silly).

My question is ... has anyone experienced this and know of a work

My friend is doing some web/deja news searches but I though I'd try a
question here in the mean time, some times it is a relatively common
problem that has a work around.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  Doug Mitton - Brockville, Ontario, Canada
                'City of the Thousand Islands'

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